Total Storage Tariff Costing

Here you can find the costing structure of the Total Storage tariff. As you can see there is just one monthly cost depending on how much you have stored on the server. This means that you will not be charged for the amount of bandwidth used for changes. This tariff is best for clients who make many changes to there file system or for clients who are looking to use the disaster recovery option which means multiple backups throughtout the day.

 Monthly Tariff 
File Only Replication Less than 5GB  £5.00 per GB
5GB to 10GB  £4.00 per GB
11GB to 20GB  £3.50 per GB
20GB to 50GB  £3.00 per GB
50GB to 100GB  £2.50 per GB
100GB and Over, or on Fixed Cost Scheme  £2.00 per GB
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